Hip-Hop Movement in Argentina

When I spent a couple of months in Argentina back in 2006, I met a couple of cool argentians, including Sutil and My-T (from Raptores Records) and Le Ghost actively working on bringing hip-hop (and hip-hop influenced) music to Argentina. These are some good friends of mine. Below are some videos for ya'll to check out their movement.


"F*#k Curators" Art Exhibit

Some incredible work from the "F#ck Curators" Art Exhibit held in Newark, NJ yesterday. An example of when curators don't show certain artists enough love.

Stop Being Afraid

I come across too many people who are simply afraid. Too afraid to start their own company; too afraid to speak in their natural tone around certain others; too afraid to rap about topics they want to discuss; too afraid to wear the clothes they think are hot; and the list continues and continues. If you continue like this, at best your spirit will continue to be unfulfilled. If you walk this earth afraid to be who you truly are and thus incapable of reaching your highest point, then that means you are too scared to live. And if you are too scared to live, you're walking dead. So...

Stop being afraid. And live.


Must See Tupac Interview

Imagine if Pac was still around? Makes you think about why he isn't...

Lauryn Hill Performance

One of many of Lauryn's incredible performances...powerful, real and touching as expected...


Reflecting on "This is It"

Listening to my old mixtape to study where I can improve and the first verse of this track, "This is It," resonated heavy with me. It might have took me a bit longer than a year at my gig to break out and employ myself...but it's an incredible feeling to know that I eventually accomplished just that. Make sure you never give up.


BB Shot of HLS Montclair

So my brother and I are working on our second location for our restaurant, HLS Juice Bar & Grill, which will be located in Montclair, NJ (on Bloomfield Ave). My brother is in a meeting RIGHT NOW working to get approval for our exterior signage. If all goes well, we'll be open this fall. I'll let you know when it's all said and done and we crack them doors open!


Busy Day...

Ok...so today was indeed a productive one. Hit the gym (back and bi's), worked on a new song, (which I'm loving right now), had a long business meeting with my brother on keeping our restaurant (soon to be restaurants) running efficiently, did some legal work for a client and more. Feels good when you get a lot accomplished in a day, doesn't it? Hoping to put a bit more productivity towards music tomorrow. I aim to complete the song I was working on today, plus work on my Spanish record. I'll keep ya'll posted.

Much love


Talonted to Perform @ Garden Variety

Catch Talonted performing September 3rd at the Garden Variety showcase. The show will be held at the Armory Tavern, located at 142 Sussex Ave, Newark, NJ. Check the flyer above for details. See you there!

-Flo Global

EMC Blue

EMC Blue is a new website to check out that focuses on fashion and music. We salute their work!

-Flo Global

New Andre 3000 - "I Do"

Andre 3000 is one of my favorite artists. I just got wind of one of his new song called "I Do." Hope he keeps coming with it. The industry needs him.


TALoNTED Interview by CailaSpeaks

Talonted was recently interviewed by the gifted blog writer Nicaila Matthews, aka "Caila K" (www.cailakspeaks.com). Click HERE to read the full interview, where Talonted discusses his life's journey as a committed artist and entrepreneur.


Talonted Featured in Scoop USA Newspaper

Talonted was recently featured in an article in Scoop USA Newspaper (see page 7). The piece, entitled "Cultural Expressions in African America," was written by the prolific James G. Spady, co-author of the book "Tha Global Cipha," which contains in-depth conversations with various artists, including Jay-Z, Mos Def, Young Jeezy, Beanie Sigel, Trina, Foxy Brown, Sean Paul, Eve and many more.


My Long-winded way of telling dudes to strap up before f$&king...

Making of Spanish Beat for T's Next Mixtape

Here's a snippet of Frank G composing a beat for Talonted's
next mixtape on which Talonted will be spitting versus
in Spanish. We are looking forward to hearing this one!


PJ Performs Guitar Solo for T's Mixtape

PJ (former member of the band Armor for Sleep) in the studio with Talonted and Frank G playing his guitar solo for T's new song, "Open My Eyes," which will be on T's upcoming mixtape. Stay tuned.